Amazon & eCommerce Product Photo Editing Services at CPI

Speaking about Amazon and e-commerce product photo editing services.

At present, more than 400000+ small, medium and large size business are selling their products via many online shops or Amazon, and the number is increasing rapidly day by day. As a result, the competition on E-commerce and amazon business is getting tougher and tougher.

With regards to Amazon, one of the most important parts of the Amazon listing is photos or images. And when it is a matter of editing or optimizing product photos for amazon or other E-commerce platforms, you should realize the context in the way they are going to be viewed. Actually, amazon product photo editing is a meticulous and important task to do properly.

Product photo editing for Amazon

Technical Requirements for amazon Images

First of all, product images that are going to be submitted to Amazon need to meet the following technical requirements.

Secondly, Image Format: You can upload- TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG formats image to amazon.

Next, Photo Size: Photo pixel dimensions need to be at least 1000px or larger in width or height much preferable Color mode: either sRGB or CMYK color mode is much preferable.

In particular, the Image name should match the product identifier (for example; here is your Amazon ASIN, JAN, UPC, EAN or 13-digit ISBN) going forward a period and proper file extension (for example; A90856437.jpg, 8765439LH.png or WQ98654326.tiff)

Notes: Any types of additional characters or dashes or spaces in the file name will stop the image from going online

Amazon photo requirements

Guidelines for Amazon product Photo Editing

(i) Most importantly, the image has to be the art or a professional photograph of the product or goods that is supposed to be sold.
(ii) Whatever happens, any type of drawing or illustrations of the product are strictly prohibited.
(iii) Of course, photos should not include complementary (free of cost) or confusing additional substances.
(iv) Besides, the photo should be in focus, professionally lit and photographed or scanned, with logical/realistic color, and polished/smooth edges.
(v) Video/DVD, Books, Music, and images need to be the front cover art and fill the full of the image frame. And, promotional stickers, Jewel cases, and cellophane are prohibited.

(vi)Especially, all other products must fill at least 85% or even more of the photo frame.
(vii) In fact, the whole product should be in the frame.
(viii) Even more, Image backgrounds must be in white rather pure white.
(ix) Additional text, insert images or graphics should not be included in the image.
(x) As well as, any type of offensive material or Pornographic is strictly prohibited.

Guidelines and instruction for amazon photos
As a final point, our well skilled Photoshop experts and technician can really help you in making your photos perfect and highly eligible for amazon listing. Above all, they will provide a clean and presentable look to your images for commercial use.